Bentornata Christy, Christy Turlington, Vogue Italia, 1989 by Steven Meisel

Car l’amour est fort comme la mort. | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


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Hailey Baldwin styled by Von Ford
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I miss you terribly

my love, I miss you terribly, and this feeling never fades,

I miss the way you made me laugh with my head thrown back and tears in my eyes.

I miss sitting by your side knowing its my place and I felt so safe

I miss the look you gave me when you really understood what I was saying

I miss how you confided in me, trusting me with somethings so sacred 

Oh how I miss the way you drive. no shoes and all smiles with music too loud and windows down.

I miss how you ask question and are always craving for knowledge

I miss how you looked with me and spun me around the dance floor

I miss you terribly, so terribly, my stomach is in permeate knots. I see your face and I want to cry knowing I caused you pain, because you are a beautiful man, who will make such a change. touch lives and bring light, you will make a mark. 

And no matter who i am and what I do, i gave you a piece of my heart and now it belongs to you. for you marked me as well I cant deny I was under your spell because 

my love, i still miss you terribly, oh so terribly 

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